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Jade Doreen Waller
Bronze sculpture
Edition of 8 & 2 A/P

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Sir Peter Blake
"Motif Suite"
edition 25 on recycled tin plate
81.3 x 62.3cm




16 February – 24 March 2019 The Rosevine, Cornwall

34 FineArt is proud to announce an exciting Urban Contemporary Group Exhibition entitled URBAN / POP ART opening on 16 February 2019 at The Rosevine in Cornwall. 34FineArt is celebrating the recognition for Urban/Street Art that interface perfectly with the Popular Art movement. Works by internationally acclaimed artists Martin Whatson, TMFA, Takashi Murakami, Peter Blake, Mr. Brainwash, Esther Mahlangu and others will be on view.

Street art has developed into a multifaceted ‘movement’, flourishing on the nervous energy of graffiti and stencilling, spray-can art, skateboard culture, hip-hop music and urban fashion. Often a form of dissent against control, Street art has, not surprisingly, been regarded as unlawful and outside the system in most organised communities, travelling a difficult road into the world’s art galleries. Early exponents of Street art like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat paved the way for the current wave of practitioners like Banksy, who now commands enormous prices for his work.

The Pop Art movement offered a challenge to the vision of fine art in the 1950's by introducing imagery from mass culture including advertising, comic books and everyday cultural objects.

These two movements integrate seamlessly due to their defiant view of the established norms.

Do not miss visiting this exhibition at The Rosevine promising to be one of the highlights of the Cornwall art calendar.

Fred de Jager +44 7760898730